We represent the very best Manufacturers in the industry

PEG has been with most of their lines for decades. We don’t bounce around looking for the “deal of the day”. When you do business with PEG, you’re doing business with the factory. No distributor markup, no warranty disconnect. For over 30 years PEG has led the way. We look forward to telling you more.

Catalytic Combustion

Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) engineers, designs, and manufactures emission control systems for power generating engines in commercial and industrial applications in new and retrofit situations.


Leading the way in genset chargers

From its inception in the early 1970s, SENS has continuously served both the mobile and stationary segments of the genset starting market. We engineer and deliver the industry’s most innovative and reliable genset engine start battery chargers and related products. Our quality, on-time delivery, and service are unrivaled in the industry.


Salient is the premier manufacturer of standard and engineered to order emergency power products and custom electrical control panels. Our solutions are used everyday by data centers, industrial facilities, healthcare and OEMs to ensure uptime, enhance safety, and optimize performance in industrial applications. From Switchboards, generator paralleling gear, generator mounted breakers, manual transfer switches, automatic transfer switches, and multi purpose connection cabinets, trust Salient for unparalleled quality and performance.

Eden Innovations

OptiBlend® technology allows your conventional diesel engine to use natural gas as its primary fuel without modifying the engine or the diesel fuel system. The result? Lower fuel costs, improved NOx and CO emissions, and increased runtime.


The Simplex Load Bank product line spans 500 Watts to 5 Megawatts in single load bank units and can form systems of unlimited capacities when networked as modules. AC voltages to 15kV and DC voltages to 2400v are available. Standard product offerings include resistive, inductive, capacitive loads, air or liquid cooling, and a full line of digital controllers.

Simplex Fuel Supply Systems include a full line of industrial equipment designed specifically for the delivery, filtering, monitoring and storing of fuel.

GT Exhaust

For over forty years, GT Exhaust and Silex have been world-class suppliers of solutions for sound attenuation and emissions suppression. Both specialize in producing both standard and custom units, working to meet any space or regulatory specifications required. We pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs and surpass your expectations, and here's why.


Mitigating urban noise pollution is our claim to fame in the power generation space. As one of the only providers in North America with the space and equipment required to produce generator silencers of immense size, we are a vital supporter of critical facilities such as hospitals and data centers, as well as their surrounding communities.


Designing cooling packages and components to meet unique specifications and keep engines thermally effective is our specialty. API offers a broad spectrum of components and complete engine systems designed to meet the needs of markets around the world.


As an alternator supplier, we have proven expertise and experience in research, design, low-cost manufacturing and development capabilities. With manufacturing taking place in Italy, the UK, India and China, coupled with high market capabilities and a powerful worldwide capacity, we offer a fast and reliable alternator solutions service to our customers all over the world.


Advanced has extensive experience supplying custom heat exchangers to cool diesel and natural gas engines for equipment used in the Oil and Gas, Electric Power Generation and Industrial markets. Our products are not only of the highest quality, but also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sutton Stromart

Sutton Stromart Limited is a complete radiator manufacturing company with Headquarters and North American manufacturing located near Toronto, Canada. For over 40 years we have manufactured high-quality radiators and cooling systems for various applications including power generation, pumps, oil field equipment, steam condensers and process cooling. We specialize in custom-designed cooling solutions that are optimized for each application.